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Okengwe Comprehensive College Idoma

The founder was late Hon. Stephen A.E. Sanni whose heart burning zeal was to enhance an outstanding contribution towards educational development in Ebira land. The school is situated along the main road from Okene to Okengwe and Ihima. It is directly opposite the police station serving the Okengwe district in Okene L.G.A Kogi State.

The school started as a Continuing Education Centre in 1983 with the sole aim of helping students with low performance in the West African School Certificate Examination (W.A.S.C.E) and those who could not attend the regular Secondary School.

The tremendous success achieved by the school made the then Kwara State Government to inspect and approved candidates for both the R.S.A and G.C.E. "O" Level Examinations.

      This hardwork of the then Proprietor was further enhanced when on 21st June, 1990 West African Examination Council recognized the centre giving it W.A.E.C. Centre No 433371. This recognition was however short-lived, because W.A.E.C. later had to scrap this type of recognition to all Continuing Education Centres in the country due to the inception of 6-3-3-4 system of education.

      The zeal and desire of the then Proprietor to help in educating the teeming youths of his area and Kogi State made the then proprietor to plan for a full fledged secondary school that would allow him build up students right from Junior Secondary School. This novel idea formally came into reality in October 1995. The new school Okengwe Comprehensive College came into existence. It took off at the temporary site of R.C.M/L.G.E.A Primary School, Osoma, Okengwe. Movement to present permanent site was completed on 7th July, 1997. The School within two (2) years of tremendous achievement was officially given approval to undertake State examination for Junior Secondary School (J.S.S) and West African School Certificate Examination with its first sitting in 1997 and 1998 respectively. The school is currently undertaking National Examination Council Exams for Junior Secondary School and the certificate can be used to gain adminssion into any International Secondary School for Senior Secondary School one within and outside the country while on transfer.